Tote bags ideal for collecting brochures

Author: Emma Murnane Source: High Caliber   Date Posted:27 September 2017 

Tote bags ideal for collecting brochures

A New Approach to a Classic Tote Bag  - Tote bags have always been one of the staples in the world of custom branded merchandise and continue to thrive.  There are thousands of sizes available, some with gussets and some without, and each holding it's own intended use. Grocery totes typically have large gussets which allow the bag to expand and carry more while trade show totes meant for collateral have smaller gussets which help keep things like papers and brochures better organised.  

The V-Gusset tote bags are designed in a similar fashion to a trade show tote with a slightly different approach to the gusset.  Instead of having no gusset, or a very small gusset these bags have a tapered gusset. The approach continues to innovate by having the taper start off larger towards the top of the bag and taper down towards the base.  The idea behind the design is that the bag can still provide the benefits of a non-gusseted tote bag with a slim base keeping items like brochures nice and organised while allowing easier access when opening the bag.  With the gusset having its largest point towards the top of the bag it allows the user to expand the bag and quickly see and access items easier without compromising how they are organised.

These bags are also great alternatives for items that require more space towards the top than they do at the base, like flowers.  Where you would want all the stems to come together in a tight space, but would need to leave additional space towards the top for the flower itself.  

More options equal more opportunities and this addition to our range is meant to do just that.  As our bag range expands our main goal is make sure we have a bag for every occasion.





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New Approach to Tote Bags

25 December 2020
This blog has defined a good approach about how to use custom tote bags for collecting brochures.

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