Joel's Story with MPG

Author: Emma Murnane  

Finding a place -Making Trolley Tokens

Meet Joel, he is a seventeen year old boy, still at school and now starting to discover the bigger universe out side of his bedroom. For the past few years, like most kids has been in lockdown and has spent most of his time on his computer. Joel thrived, he actually found friends online and has enjoyed creating an online world where he chats to kids from the other side of the world. 

See Joel has not always had it easy, he was diagnosed with Aspergies in grade 1. This diagnosis only supportted what we already new. Joel was a unique boy, very loving but had some learning challenges. One big challenge has been to make friends. He has found fitting in at school not so easy. All was the butt of everyones jokes. Now its nearly time to finish high school and think about whats next. Joel has a natural talent of seeing 3D images and loves using the laser engraver. So why not put him on as a casual staff member for MPG (Murnane Proing Group.). 

Joel started working with us to help keep the studio clean, empty the bins and complete the odd job on request. He then progressed to working on the Laser engraver. We found that once a job was set up he could manage the completion. For example we did 1000 candle lids for a client. Each batch needed to be taken out and then the next lot set up and engraved. Joel loved this. He loved seeing the logo being engraved and then the completion of a print job. This interest moved into him wanting to find something he could make for the buinsess. Joel wanted to create a unique promotional item we could use to promtoe the business. Something that was his own, his own project. The Wyndham business awards award night was coming up. So Joel decided this was his project. He wanted to find an item he could make to promote MPG and then eventually sell on the website. These trolley tokens that you have is the idea he came up with. He did some research and found a template for trolley tokens. He knew we could cut the tokens out in Arclyic and engrave the business name. Great start.

Next it was all about learning how to create a template, then test and see what he could produce. After a lot of testing on different arclyics such as a solid colour to a mirror arclyic. Joel decided the mirror arclyic worked the best. He selected blue, happens to be his favourite colour and matched nicely to the business colour. 

Next it was time to source the keyrings and the packaging. He ask to be taken down to the shops to explore different options. We found the current bags and thought perfect. Not to small to lose but just nice to put the finished keyring. 

Next we started our first batch of tokens, once cut he sat down and looked at how to attach the keyring. He roped in his grandpa who helped find away to open the ring, attach and then close. See Joel bites his nails (anxiety) so he couldn't use his nails to hold the small ring. Grand dad showed him an easy way to open the little rings with a tool. Once mastered they both sat one afternoon and made 150 keyrings. 


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