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Tops/Polos: Kids Polos, Adult Polos, Ladies Polos, Adult Tees, Ladies Tees, Kids Tee, Infant, Singlets

Outerwear: Caps, Jackets, DressJumpers, Pants, Rugbys, Vest

Sportswear: Bags, Cricket, Basketball, Caps, Jackets, Pants, Singlets, Shorts

Corporate Wear: Blazer, Scrubs, Knitwear, Medical, Pants, Shirts & Tops, Skirts, Tunics

Workwear: Hi-Vis Tradewear, Industrial Workwear

Hospitality Accessories, Jackets, Pants, Polos, Shirts, Vests

Custom Designed Apparel


Pens, Flash Drives, Mouse Pads


Platter Boards, Bags


We have found that everynow and then we end up with items to clear, all items are brand new with tags, never worn. These items are a bargain to be had.